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Applicant FAQ's

Q) How do I apply to a vacant position at DePaul University?

A) Please visit our website at and click on "Employment" at the top of the page. Select "Staff positions". You will be directed to the HR Careers webpage where you can view and apply to open job opportunities.

Q) Why does DePaul University require applicants to apply for positions online?

A) The online application process provides applicants with an opportunity to apply to multiple positions as well as provides assurance that your credentials were received. All applicants receive an acknowledgement letter that their credentials were received. It further allows the Recruiter and Hiring Manager an opportunity to evaluate your credentials in an accelerated manner, which helps to move applicants through the screening process in a timely manner.

Q) Do you accept resumes by mail or in person?

A) No, our required method of application submission is our online application process. If you do not have Internet access, please call us at 312.362.6855, and we will provide you with a list of resources to help you apply.

Q) Do I need to provide professional references with my resume and cover letter?

A) No, please include this information on the online DePaul Application in the designated section. Applicants will be notified before a member of HR Staffing contacts the references you've listed.

Q) Do I need to complete the entire application to be considered for employment?

A) Yes, in order to fully evaluate your qualifications, all applicants are required to complete the entire application and provide a complete overview of your experience. All screening questions must be completed as well, N/A or see resume are unacceptable. You will receive a pop-up notification indicating that your application has been successfully submitted.

Q) How will I know when I have completed the application process and successfully applied for the job?

A) There are five steps to complete. Once you complete your profile, submit your application materials, and answer the questions, a pop-up box will appear informing you that your application was successful. Furthermore, you can check DePaul's employment Web site under check the status of jobs you've applied to.

Q) What should I do when I cannot submit my application due to online issues or experience technical difficulties?

A) Please submit a detailed e-mail to outlining the steps you have taken to complete the online application. A Staffing Representative will assist you with your issue.

Q) What is the response time for e-mails that are submitted to the

A) Questions that are submitted to the general staffing e-mail box are answered in 1 to 3 business days. If you do not receive a response by the 3rd business day, please call our general staffing phone number at 312-362-6855 to follow up on your initial inquiry.

Q) How do I find out the status of my job application?

A) The status of your application changes based on the phase of the screening process. You can check the status of your application when you log into your profile on the DePaul employment Web site. Please click on the link that reads "View the status of the jobs you've applied to" and you will be directed to your status information. If you have additional questions regarding your application status, please submit your inquiry directly to or call us at 312-362-6855.

Explanation of the types of application status:

  1. Received/Pending Review-Your resume/application has been received by HR Staffing and is working its way through the normal assessment process. No decision has been made on your resume/application status.
  2. Under Review-Your resume/application is under review by HR Staffing and/or the hiring department. Your resume/application is being assessed based on the hiring criteria for the position(s) for which you have applied by HR Staffing/and or the hiring department. No decision has been made on your resume/application.
  3. Reviewed-Your resume/application has been reviewed by HR Staffing and/or the hiring department. No final decision has been made on your resume/application status. When a final decision is made on your application status, you will hear from an HR Representative/Hiring Representative, or you will receive an e-mail notification.
  4. Withdrawn- Your resume/application has been withdrawn from the applicant pool for further consideration. This elective status is made by the applicant. This status is used when the applicant wants to remove his/herself from being considered for the position (s) applied to online.
  5. Finalized-The position has been finalized with a selected candidate for hire.

Q) My application status for each job in my profile displays Reviewed. What does this mean? How can I obtain more information on my status?

A) Resumes and applications are evaluated and sent daily to hiring managers for further evaluation. When your resume has reached this stage, your online status will reflect reviewed. Any next steps in the decision process will be shared with you via e-mail or telephone, depending on the type of decision rendered.

Q) Are there application submission timelines associated with job openings posted on the Web site?

A) Generally, there is no specific close date for a job opening unless specified in the job posting. Jobs are filled as qualified candidates are selected and hired.

Q) What occurs after I submit my application and resume for review?

A) Once you successfully complete your online application, it is reviewed, along with your resume, by the HR Staffing team for a potential match against the job qualifications. If your application matches job qualifications, it will be sent to the hiring department for further consideration.

Q) How long is your recruitment and selection process?

A) Our recruitment and selection process is based upon how quickly qualified candidates move through the screening and selection process. On average, positions are filled within 1-3 months, if not sooner.

Q) How often do Recruiters review resumes/applications?

A) Resumes and applications are evaluated and sent forward to hiring managers for further evaluation on a daily basis.

Q) How long is my online resume retained on file?

A) Resumes and applications are retained electronically for three years.

Q) I have revised my cover letter/resume. Do I need to reapply?

A) No, once you upload a new version of your cover letter/resume, all the jobs that you have applied for are updated with the new version.

Q) I am interested in applying to several positions. Can I submit multiple cover letters?

A) You have three options:

  1. You can craft your cover letter to target one specific job of your choice.
  2. You craft a general cover letter that addresses multiple jobs of interest.
  3. You can copy and paste your new cover letter onto the resume as one document.

Please note, our system retains one resume and one cover letter per application, so if you upload a new resume or cover letter, it will replace the documents you previously saved in the system.

Q) How frequently do you update the website with new job openings?

A) New jobs are posted to the website and recently filled jobs are removed from the website on a daily basis.

Q) Do you provide salary information for job openings?

A) We do not disclose specific salary information. Compensation is addressed directly once a candidate is under serious consideration or during the offer phase by either the Recruiter or Hiring Manager.

Q) Does DePaul offer informational interviews?

A) Due to the volume of applications and official interviews that are conducted, we cannot offer informational interviews. However, ample information for all positions can be obtained by reviewing job postings.

Q) May I speak with the hiring manager prior to the interview to learn more about the position and share information not listed on my resume or application?

A) We do not disclose the names of our hiring managers or transfer calls to hiring managers. We encourage all prospective applicants to review the job posting and research the department to learn more about the department. If you have a general question(s) about the position(s) to which you are applying, you may submit your question(s) to We will provide you with as much information as possible.

Q) Do I take action if I have not heard back from a hiring manager after an interview?

A) No, HR Staffing requests that you work with us directly, because we have the most up-to-date information on the status of your applications and completed interviews. Once an applicant has been removed from the list of potential candidates for a position, the Staffing Department will send out an e-mail notification. Once a hiring decision has been made, the Staffing Department will send out an e-mail notification to all other applicants that the position has been filled.

Q) Will I hear from a DePaul representative if I am not selected?

A) Upon completion of a search, the Staffing department will send out e-mail notifications to all those who were interviewed, as well as those who applied for the position, informing them that the position has been filled.

Q) What if I receive a rejection letter for one position? Will I still be considered for other positions at DePaul?

A) Yes, your information will be evaluated based on the criteria of each job for which you have submitted your application.

Q) Do you accept resumes from third party staffing agencies and/or executive search firms?

A) We do not accept unsolicited resumes from third parties. If we require external staffing assistance in filling a temporary or regular status position from a third party, we will contact the agency and/or firm directly. If you are interested in submitting organizational marketing materials on your organization for future evaluation of your service offerings, you can submit your information to A Staffing Representative will contact you if it is determined that your organization can assist with our staffing needs.

Q) I applied to a grant-funded position. What should I know about this type of position?

A) A grant-funded position is a position funded by an external grant source. Unfortunately, if the grant terminates for any reason, or if the grant funding is lost or reduced for any reason, employment with the university will be discontinued.

Q) What types of background checks are conducted?

A) Criminal county background checks, Social Security Traces, and Reference Checks will be conducted on final candidates who receive and accept an offer of employment. Credit or motor vehicle record spell out this acronym checks may be conducted if deemed relevant by the position in question. Education checks will be conducted as part of the background check process.

Q) Do you accept applications for faculty positions?

A) No, to be considered for a faculty position, applicants must visit the website:

Q) Do you provide information on academic programs?

A) Unfortunately, we do not. Please refer to DePaul's homepage to locate the academic program of your choice. Once you locate the academic program, please contact that department directly, and a department representative will be very happy to provide you with an information package.

Q: What steps are necessary to request reasonable accommodation for any part of the application and employment process?

1)Send an e-mail directly to  or call 1-312-362-6855 to request a brief reasonable accommodation request form to complete. (If you will need assistance with the form, please indicate this in your email or voicemail message.)

2)Please return the completed reasonable accommodation request form to  Please include 'Confidential Information' and the Job Requisition number in the subject line. Your request will be acknowledged within 2 to 3 business days.