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Employee Assistance Program – ComPsych

The employee assistance program provides assistance to faculty, staff and their immediate family who may be experiencing difficult personal problems.

DePaul has contracted with ComPsych, an independent EAP vendor, to provide individual and family counseling, financial counseling, psychological evaluations and referrals, substance abuse treatment and similar services. All services are provided confidentially. Individual anonymity is always maintained. A perspective counselor can be reached at (800)621-4124.

The Organization Web ID is EAP4DPU

Types of Referrals
There are 2 types of referrals. An employee may seek assistance on their own (voluntary) or a manager, in consultation with Employee Relations, may make a formal referral.

  • Voluntary - A voluntary referral is made by the individual faculty, staff or family member who wish to personally consult with an EAP counselor regarding any personal issue. All appointments should be scheduled outside of normal work hours.
  • Formal - A formal referral is made by the manager of a faculty or staff member or through consultation with an Employee Relations representative. This usually occurs in instances where there is a significant decline in work performance when there is a specific on-the-job incident that indicates the individual may benefit from the services offered through the EAP.

Services available to employees and their families will be provided to the extent covered under the EAP contract.

If an individual with a performance related issue refuses to cooperate with the EAP, he/she may be subject to disciplinary action for continued unacceptable behavior, conduct and/or job performance issues under the terms of the Progressive Discipline policy. 

For detailed information on the EAP visit or brochures are available by request in the Office of Human Resources.