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Voluntary Resignation
Employees that voluntarily choose to end their employment with the University should initiate the process.  These steps should be completed by the employee and the manager:

The employee,

  1. completes a letter of resignation and identifies the last active day of employment, and
  2. submits the resignation letter to his/her immediate manager.
  3. reviews the Employee Termination Checklist and performs the necessary transitional tasks to prepare for their exit from the university.

The manager,

  1. reviews the Termination Checklist and performs the necessary transition tasks to prepare for the employee’s departure.
  2. consult with Employee Relations representative to discuss any outstanding issues or concerns.    

Note: Prompt processing of the required documents allows the manager the opportunity to begin immediate recruiting efforts to fill their vacancy.

An involuntary termination is when management makes the decision that an employee should be released from his/her job responsibilities. In such situations, an Employee Relations representative must be consulted prior to the discharge. This meeting will determine if appropriate and documented progressive discipline procedures, have been applied. For employees not subject to progressive discipline (employees within the 6 month introductory period), this meeting will be to discuss and review the employee’s unsatisfactory progress since his/her hire date.

Exit Interview
An Employee Relations representative contacts the employee to schedule an optional exit interview. The exit interview includes a review of the status of the employee’s medical, dental, COBRA eligibility, vacation pay and other outstanding issues.

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