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Manager Foundations Certificate 2013-2014

Workplace Learning, Performance and Organizational Development offers managers a series of foundational courses aimed to strengthen skills and practices in hiring, employee engagement, communication, supervision and performance. Managers learn about DePaul’s policies and procedures and examine and explore the legal, procedural and behavioral practices of human resource management.

Course descriptions are found here and in the
Learning@DePaul Catalog.

To register, select your course through the Learning & Development Portal in Campus Connection.

A certificate is awarded for completing the following courses:

Making the Most of Annual Performance Appraisal
Intoductory e-learning module to the Performance Appraisal Process.  Complete the online module before attending the skill lab.


Making the Most of Annual Performance Appraisal: Skill Lab
At this skill lab you will have a chance to put your knowledge into action, build your confidence in dealing with performance appraisal challenges, and learn from your colleagues.


Managing at DePaul 101 (MD001M)
This course provides activities and discussions focusing on management’s role in setting standards and expectations, ensuring quality, managing performance and change and engaging and developing employees. This hybrid course has both an online and classroom component.  Watch the Leading and Learning at DePaul video.

No sessions available.

Managing for Excellent Customer Service (CU001M)
Managers learn advanced techniques for identifying customer needs and
expectations, developing customer-centered standards and processes, training and monitoring staff and encouraging continuous improvement in customer service.

No sessions available.

Getting off to the Right Start (SF001S)
Formaly Setting and Fulfiling Performance Goals
Participants learn to develop job descriptions and everyday duties into individual performance goals and monitor progress as part of DePaul’s Performance Management and Appraisal system. This course also is offered by request to departments, teams or work groups.

No sessions available.

Getting Better Every Day (GR001S)
Formaly Giving and Receiving Feedback
Participants learn techniques for building confidence and skills in giving and receiving feedback, at all levels and in all directions.

No sessions available.

Coaching for Managers (CM001M)
Managers learn, apply,  and practice coaching strategies to set performance expectations, recognize and reinforce good performance, and close performance gaps.

No sessions available.

Employee Relations: Practices and Principles (ER001M)
This course explores employee and manager engagement, policy and practice, effective management, employee resources and progressive discipline.

No sessions available.

Interviewing and Hiring Best Practices (IH001M)
Managers learn the interviewing and hiring process as it relates to hiring laws and compliance with federal, state, local and university policies. Skill development focuses on behavioral interviewing techniques.

No sessions available.

*For any cancellations please contact WLP-OD at, or at 312-362-8338.

Manager Foundations Materials

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