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Organizational Development and Workplace Learning

Organizational Development and Workplace Learning (OD-WL) partners with university departments, divisions and management to create an environment of learning and performance that furthers DePaul University’s mission, vision and values.

Our objectives are:

  • To assess organizational and employee needs and to identify best learning strategies and solutions at the individual, interpersonal, team and organizational level.

  • To resource DePaul employees to training and development that balances individual, departmental, and organizational needs fairly and consistently.

  • To provide avenues, guidance and support for staff to learn and to develop themselves professionally and personally.

  • To strengthen Human Resources and university collaboration as a means to expand and extend opportunities for staff to advance their knowledge, skills, interests and careers.

WLP's staff regularly posts news, events, resources and observations that respond to the training and development needs of DePaul staff.

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