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403(b) Retirement Plan

Exciting Changes Coming in 2016

In January 2016, there will be new and exciting changes happening in DePaul's 403(b) Retirement Plan!  Look for more details coming in December.

  • Increased Match - Starting January 1, 2016, DePaul's 403(b) Matching Contribution will increase from 8% to 8.5%.  If you are match eligible (see criteria below), you will automatically receive the increased matching contribution.
  • Automatic Enrollment - Any faculty or staff employee hired on or after January 1, 2016 will be automatically enrolled in the 403(b) Plan at a 5% savings rate, unless you opt out or make a different savings rate election within 60 days of your hire.
  • Planning Tools - There will be an enhanced election process, with added retirement planning features and easier access to tools and resources to help you make decisions about your retirement goals.

Click here to enroll or find more information about changing your 403(b) Plan elections.

Details will be sent to all DePaul employees and posted on the 403(b) webpage in late December.

403(b) Retirement Plan Provisions

Employee Contributions

Employees may defer part of their salary into the 403(b) Plan through pretax payroll deductions, up to the limits outlined below:

Annual Contribution Limits for 2015 and 2016:

  • General Employee Contribution $18,000
  • 15-Year Service Rule Catch-up Contribution $3,000
  • Age 50 Catch-up Contribution $6,000

These earnings are tax-deferred, which means they are not subject to state or federal income taxes at the time of the payroll deduction.  Earnings on the money contributed are also tax-deferred.  Accumulations in the plan, including earnings on contributions are tax-deferred until withdrawn from the plan.

403(b) Retirement Plan Information

    DePaul Matching Contributions
    Faculty and Staff who are eligible to make salary deferrals are also eligible to receive an 8% University matching contribution upon meeting the following criteria:

    • Completion of one year of service (and in some cases, at least 1,000 hours of work or the equivalent of 1,000 hours of work during the year),
    • Attainment of age 21, and
    • Salary Deferral of at least 5% to the Plan.

    For full-time faculty and staff with previous experience at another institution of higher education, the one year of service may be able to be waived.  Union Employees may contribute to the Plan, but are not eligible for University matching contributions.

    University matching contributions and employee deferrals are fully and immediately vested.  That is, 100% of the University contributions and related earnings are fully owned by the participant and none are forfeited should the employee terminate employment.

    Investment of Contributions
    A plan participant may direct his or her own contributions, University matching contributions, and related earnings to any fund offered by the two investment companies chosen by the University – Fidelity Investments and TIAA-CREF.

    Individual Counseling Sessions:
    Fidelity and TIAA-CREF provide DePaul University faculty and staff with individual consultation sessions to assist you with retirement planning on a confidential basis.  Below are the schedules of sessions available:

    Fidelity’s Individual Counseling Session Schedule
    TIAA-CREF’s Individual Counseling Session Schedule

    Contact Information
    : or (800) 343-0860
    Representatives are available by phone Mon-Fri 7am-11pm CT.

    TIAA-CREF: or (800) 842-2776
    Representatives are available by phone Mon-Fri 7am-9pm, Sat 8am-5pm CT.

    Archived 403(b) Plan Info 

    403(b) Retirement Plan Updates

    Fund Changes Effective October 2015
    Fund Changes Effective April 2015

    Fund Changes Effective December 2014

    Fund Changes Effective August 2014

    Fund Changes Effective January 2014
    Fund Changes Effective April 2013
    Fund Changes Effective June 2012

    In February 2010, DePaul introduced new core investment options for the DePaul University 403(b) Retirement Plan. Please click here to read the insert included in the January 5, 2010 Newsline. An Investment Options Kit was mailed to faculty and staff members’ homes in late January 2010.

    For Details on the Investment Options Kit please see the following Links:

    Cover Letter from DePaul - Overview of New Investment Options - Investor Guide - Fidelity Mapping Details

    Participant Fee Disclosures
    On an annual basis the office of Human Resources (HR) provides all employees with the required notices regarding fees and expenses in the DePaul University 403(b) Retirement Plan.  These notices are intended to enable participants to better understand their current investment costs and provide an opportunity to review the merits of each of our plan vendors, Fidelity Investments and TIAA-CREF.  Please click on the links below to review the documents.

    November 2015 announcement email from HR
    Fidelity notice as of 9/30/2015

    TIAA-CREF notice as of 9/30/2015

    November 2014 announcement email from HR
    Fidelity notice as of 9/30/2014
    TIAA-CREF notice as of 9/30/2014

    November 2013 announcement email from HR
    Fidelity Notice as of 9/30/2013
    TIAA-CREF Notice as of 9/30/2013

    August 2012 announcement email from HR
    Fidelity Notice as of 12/31/2011
    TIAA-CREF Notice
    as of 12/31/2011