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Part II: Enroll in the BlueEdge CDHP Medical Plan and Establish a Health Savings Account (HSA)

A. Enroll in the BlueEdge CDHP Plan

Use the on-line benefits enrollment application through Campus Connection to sign up for the BlueEdge CDHP. 

You will receive a BlueCross BlueShield Health Plan Identification Card and a welcome kit from Mellon Bank with information about your HSA in the mail after you enroll.

B. Understand the Contribution Possibilities Related to Your Enrollment in the Plan

Once you enroll in the CDHP and open an HSA, DePaul will make an annual contribution and you can make tax-free contributions into your HSA each year you are enrolled.   These contributions can be used to cover deductibles and co-insurance. Once you meet the annual deductible and co-insurance amounts, the plan pays for the rest. Refer to the Health Benefits Plans Summary Plan Description for more details on the BlueEdge HSA.

2016 DePaul and Employee HSA Contributions for Full-Time Faculty and Staff
2016 DePaul and Employee HSA Contributions for Part-Time Faculty and Staff

*Contributions are prorated when enrollment in the CDHP occurs after January 

Maximum Contribution Restrictions-Employees not HSA eligible for the entire plan year in which they are making contributions must be HSA eligible in December of the plan year and remain eligible for the next 12 months in order to make the maximum contribution.  If an employee is not eligible for the requisite period, then the employee will become subject to the approximate tax rules and excess contributions will be subject to regular taxes as well as an excise tax.   You may want to review the IRS Resource Center and / or consult your tax advisor before you increase your contributions.

University Contributions:

DePaul University makes an employer contribution each year for all active full-time employees who are currently enrolled in the BlueEdge CDHP Medical Plan.  The amount of these contributions is shown in the above chart.  Note:

  • All of the contributions are intended to be made through the DePaul University Section 125 Cafeteria Plan.
  • DePaul University pays the entire annual employer contribution to all participants as soon as administratively feasible following: (1) an employee’s plan entry date (plan entry dates are always on the first of the month) and (2) the employee’s establishment of an HSA with ACS Mellon Bank.   
  • Contributions are based on the Medical Plan entry date regardless of when the HSA is actually established.
  • Contributions are not made for COBRA participants.
  • The University will make contributions only to the enrolled employee.  If an enrolled employee covers a spouse who is also a DePaul University employee, the spouse is not eligible for a contribution.
  • Employees who become HSA eligible mid-year will receive a single lump sum, prorated contribution.

Employee Contributions:
An employee’s HSA is only partially funded through University contributions.  Employees may also make pre-tax contributions via salary reductions. An initial pre-tax contribution election can be made through the Campus Connection Benefits Enrollment Application. Note:

  • Participants may choose to fund their HSA up to the limits in the above chart directly to their HSAs rather than making pre-tax contributions through the university. Contributions made directly to an HSA can be taken as deductions on Form 1040.
  • Employee contributions through salary reduction will only be allowed prospectively the first of the month after all three of the following requirements are met: 
    • The employee enrolls in the BlueEdge HSA medical plan option.
    • The employee opens a HSA with ACS Mellon Bank.
    • The employee completes the on-line HSA salary deferral election on the Campus Connection Benefits Enrollment Application thereby establishing the pre-tax deduction on the payroll system.
  • Employee contribution amounts made through DePaul can be changed for any reason throughout the calendar year within the parameters of the above-mentioned limits.
  • Employees are not requireed to make pre-tax contributions in order to receive the University Contribution.

C. Establish a Health Savings Account with ACS Mellon Bank (if necessary)

After you enroll in the BlueEdge HSA on the Campus Connection Benefits Enrollment Application, submit an application for an HSA as described below.  Mellon Bank will process your application approximately two to three weeks after you enroll in the BlueEdge CDHP HSA Medical Plan.  You will only need to create an account through Mellon Bank once, even if you reenroll in the BlueEdge CDHP  Medical Plan year after year.  After you enroll in the BlueEdge CDHP, you will receive a welcome kit from Mellon Bank, including your new account number and instructions to set up your account with Mellon.

Open your HSA account with Mellon Bank by visiting the Advantage Direct enrollment site or wait for your welcome packet with instructions to be delivered to your home within a few weeks of enrolling in the BlueEdge CDHP Medical Plan.  Once your HSA is established, you will receive a debit card in the mail for use with your account.

IMPORTANT: If you do not establish a bank account, DePaul University will not be able to make the employer contribution to your HSA and you will not be able to elect pre-tax HSA salary reductions from your pay. Additionally, you may forfeit your right to receive an employer contribution for the year.

Click here for a listing of fees associated with the ACS/Mellon HSA:  2016 Benefit Wallet HSA Fee Schedule


D. Making Mid-year Changes to Your Health Saving Account Contributions

You may change the amount of your Health Savings Account pre-tax deduction at any time. To make mid-year changes complete the DePaul University Health Saving Account (HSA) Contribution Election Change Form and submit it to  Human Resources.

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