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Long Term Disability


Long-term disability benefits are intended to provide continuation of income for periods of time an employee is deemed totally disabled and unable to work.

Summary Plan Description:

Insured Programs SPD


  • Full-time employment
  • Subject to approval by Liberty Mutual 
  • Six month elimination period


  •  66 and 2/3 % of covered monthly salary as of the date the total disability began up to maximum monthly benefit of $10,000


  • Up to a maximum length of time determined by age at the time the disability began

           Age at Disability                Maximum Benefit Period

           Less than age 60            Greater of SSNRA* or to                                                          age 65 (but not less than 5                                                          years)

           60                                        60 months
           61                                        48 months

           62                                        42 months

           63                                        36 months

           64                                        30 months

           65                                        24 months

           66                                        21 months

           67                                        18 months

           68                                        15 months

           69 and over                        12 months

*SSNRA means the Social Security Normal Retirement Age as figured by the 1983 amendment to the Social Security Act and any subsequent amendments.   


Start Date:

  • After the greater of Short-Term Disability (STD) ending or 6 months.


Long-Term Disability Process

Employee Responsibilities: 

  • Employees are responsible for adhering to the process described in the Insured Programs SPD.