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Job Families

What is a Job Family?

Job families are groupings of jobs related by common vocations or professions. Jobs in a job family are similar in that they:

  • Require similar knowledge, skills and abilities;
  • Have a continuum of knowledge, skills and abilities that represent a career path from the lowest to the highest level job;
  • Have similar, market-competitive pay characteristics.

How do Job Families Work?

Job families provide direct benefits to both the university and its employees. Organizing jobs into job families provides the opportunity to:
  • Identify clearly defined career paths within job families;
  • Streamline job content and job title conventions
  • Provide market anchor points to achieve greater consistency in the determination of competitive pay levels;
  • Simplify and make it easier to compare positions at DePaul to those in external markets;
  • Streamline compensation administration, enabling DePaul to devote more resources to maintaining competitive compensation levels.

DePaul Job Family Groups and Grades