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The Employee Relations team partners with staff and managers of the University to provide guidance on the employment policies and procedures of DePaul University. In addition, we are often called upon to make recommendations to resolve employment related issues and provide guidance on the administration of progressive discipline when appropriate. Our objective is to promote a climate that allows individuals to perform their duties in a fair work environment.

Work related conflicts will occur from time to time. Employees are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. Issues that may arise between co-workers should be brought to the attention of the immediate manager. All attempts should be made to assist employees in identifying a workable solution. Employees also have the option of discussing their work related issues with an Employee Relations representative to identify possible alternatives for resolutions.

Employee Relations Philosophy

Review the Employee Relations Philosophy statement here.

Employee Relations Contact Information

Isabel Diaz
Employee Relations Manager

Gianna Bellavia
Employee Relations Specialist

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