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Human Resources Directory

Human Resources, through strong collaborations with university offices, provides leadership on the attraction, retention and motivation strategies aligned with the university's VISION twenty18 strategic plan, the Total Compensation Philosophy and furthering DePaul University's mission, vision and values.   

Human Resources Directory
University Offices- Areas within the university that provide direction on related HR issues.

   Human Resources Directory

Office of Human Resources
Business Hours

Vice President for Human Resources
9 am - 5 pm


Stephanie Smith
Executive Assistant & Budget Manager 312-362-7146 Hazel Perez
Student Assistant 312-362-7106 Vacant
Receptionist 312-362-8500 Ruth Millsap
   Compensation and Benefits
Associate Vice President, Compensation and Benefits  312-362-7513 Steven Kull
Director for Benefits & Compensation 312-362-6441 Susie Beveridge
Manager, Compensation & Benefits 312-362-6119 Diana Chin
Manager of Benefits 312-362-8997 Johanna Zawada



Responsible for university-wide salary planning, job evaluations and position management
Compensation Administrator 312-362-7557 Joyce Bracker
Senior Compensation Analyst 312-362-7541 Genevieve Shelton
Compensation Coordinator 312-362-6320 Daniel McGrath

Responsible for general benefits information, health plans (medical, dental, vision), COBRA, transit and parking programs, flexible spending accounts, life insurance, tuition assistance, family status changes, retirement 403(b), leaves and employee assistance program.

General Benefits
Senior Benefits Administrator

Dorothy Bailey

Benefits Administrator


Sara Nelson

Benefits Administrator
Benefits Administrator


Melanie Chan
Jennifer Rupp

Student Assistant 312-362-8909

Venus Meng 



   Staffing, Workplace Learning & Performance
Associate Vice President, Talent Management 312-362-8086 Susan Barrett-Kelly

Responsible for full-time and part-time staff hiring.

General Staffing 312-362-6855
Manager, Staffing 312-362-6332 Daphne Smith
Staffing Consultant 312-362-6498 Christine Valenti Konkol
Staffing Recruiter 312-362-6345 Sarah Moore
Staffing Associate 312-362-6369 Ashley Bigos
Staffing Associate 312-362-7520 Izabela Bierc
Staffing Recruiter 312-362-7142 Mariella Palacios
Staffing Coordinator 312-362-5710 Javanna Shay

Workplace Learning, Performace and Organization Development (WLP/OD)

Director, WLP/OD
Learning & Curriculum Specialist

Mary McGuinness
Trainer 312-362-7519 Vacant
Learning Management System Administrator 312-362-8338 Brandon Ciarlo
Training and Development Associate 312-362-6854 Vacant
Trainer 312-362-7116 Sarah Cleveland
WLP General 312-362-8342
HRIS/Operations - HR Central

Responsible for PeopleSoft HR system, security, data, reporting and system requests, staff and student employment processing, personnel records management, verification of employment and Form I-9.

Director, HRIS 312-362-6854 Christina Kallenborn
Senior HRIS Integration Analyst 312-362-7422 Jennifer Oles
Senior HRIS Analyst
HRIS Analyst - Intermediate
Kevin Turner
Soumya Radharaman
HRIS Analyst - Associate 312-362-7721 Edward Miller
Employment Processing, Form I-9, Personnel Records, Verification of Employment
      HR Central Team Lead
      HR Central Specialist


Lianna Caro
Niambi Clark
      HR Central Specialist 312-362-5297 Kathleen Matyas
      Student Assistant 312-362-7105 Michelle Hill
Verification of Employment Fax 312-476-3231

Employee Relations

Responsible for consulting and advising managers and employees on behavior and performance issues, progressive discipline and terminations.

Director, Employee Relations 312-362-8506 Donna Washington
Manager, Employee Relations 312-362-8577 Isabel Diaz
Employee Relations Assistant 312-362-7182 Vacant

   University Offices

  Office of Institutional Diversity (Training & Programs) 312-362-8588 Elizabeth Ortiz
Office of Institutional Diversity (Investigator) 312-362-7586 Arlette Johnson
   Faculty Personnel Administration

Faculty Personnel Administration: 
Leaves, Personnel Records, Phased 

312-362-5067 Kelly Johnson
   Grant Staffing Guidelines
Office of Sponsored Programs & Research (OSPR) 312-362-5409 Robert McCarthy
Office of the General Counsel 312-362-8865 Main Phone Line
Ombudsperson 312-362-8707 Craig Mousin
    Payroll & Timekeeping coordination, including: 312-362-8692 Main Payroll Line
   - Request access to Time and Labor
   - W2 and W4
   - Labor reallocations for budgets
     - Direct deposit requests
   - Crusade of Mercy & Development 
  Garnishments, wage assignments, child 
care deductions
312-362-8693 Audra Young
   Sexual Harassment - Policy & Education
    Sexual Harassment Policy Office 773-325-7496 Barbara Schaffer
   Student Employment
  Student Employee Compensation, Employee Relations
            Loop Campus
            Lincoln Park Campus


Student Employment/Career Center
   Temporary Staffing
    Student Employment - Student Temp Pool 312-362-5850 Student Temporary Service
   Workplace Safety
Risk Management and 
Environmental Health & Safety
773-325-4201 Jennifer Graham