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How Do I Onboard a New Employee?

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Now that you have selected the best candidate, onboarding is a great opportunity to make a continued, positive impact. Onboarding efforts begin with the candidate’s offer of employment from Human Resources. The official offer letter invites new employees to attend DePaul Foundations: New Employee Orientation.   

Onboarding a new employee has four major objectives:

  • To welcome and introduce the new employee to the DePaul community, mission, values and culture
  • To give the new employee access to the information and resources they need to be successful in their new position
  • To review the policies and procedures related to employment at DePaul
  • To help the new employee to understand their benefits

On-boarding is a shared responsibility with activities managed by the hiring department/college and Human Resources.




Human Resources

  • Ensure workplace is set up 
  • Request appropriate technology access
  • Conduct departmental orientation
  • Complete the Onboarding Checklist
  • Coordinate and facilitate DePaul Foundations
  • Process the new hire paperwork
  • Conduct DePaul Foundations follow-up



The following steps outline typical on-boarding activities:
Pre-Arrival Welcome, Workspace and Technology
DePaul Foundations: New Employee Orientation
Department Orientation The New Workplace
How Do I Know if My Department's Orientation is Working?     

Pre-Arrival Welcome, Workspace and Technology
Prepare for your new employee by taking these typical steps to welcome and/or introduce a new employee:
  • Send a memo or e-mail to current staff to announce the arrival of a new employee
  • Arrange a lunch companion for the first day in the office

Take steps to set up the workspace and appropriate technology for their role:

  • Determine the need for computer equipment, telephone (cell phone), keys, files, supplies

Set up access and system accounts through Information Services:

  • Network account
  • Email account
  • Telephone extension (created or updated) and voice mail
  • Campus Connection/ PeopleSoft


DePaul Foundations: New Employee Orientation

Hiring managers are encouraged to hire new employees on a start date that coincides with DePaul Foundations. DePaul Foundations is a full-day program that takes place on the Loop Campus at 14 E. Jackson Blvd., Ste. 1328. It introduces new employees to the benefits of working at one of the nation’s largest private universities. DePaul Foundations serves as an introduction to university mission, values, culture and business practices and provides employees with just-in-time resources to support their transition to the university and their new job role.

DePaul Foundations Calendar 
DePaul Foundations Agenda


Department Orientation The New Workplace
Assist new employees in making the transition into your office, department or college:

Get Familiar with Workplace: A Guided Tour:

  • Department introductions
  • Restrooms, supply cabinets, printers, copy machines
  • Keys, copy codes
  • Organizational chart, seating chart
  • Emergency exits and evacuation

Address Relevant Policies and Procedures

  • Policies and procedures unique to job and/ or department (not conflicting with university policies and procedures)
  • Lunch time/duration, breaks
  • Timekeeping
  • Voice mail, E-mail
  • Outlook, private and public network drives

Introduce Department Functions and Key Relationships:

  • Organization and structure of the department
  • Department goals, current priorities and operational activities
  • The new employee's role in relation to other roles in the department
  • The department in relation to other university departments

Review Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Current job description, initial goals and expected results
  • Performance standards, evaluation procedures
  • Daily work hours, overtime needs and extra assignment requirements
  • Common problems and the types of assistance available, who to ask for help 


How Do I Know if My Department's Orientation is Working?

Onboarding does not end after the new employee’s first few days. Managers should regularly follow up with them. The Onboarding Checklist provides a starting point for onboarding a new employee. However, your college or department may need to offer more specialized information and assistance.

Consider the following: