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Staff Performance Appraisal

Performance management is an important aspect of the work relationship between manager and staff member. When conducted effectively throughout the year, standards of performance are well understood and appropriate actions can be taken to support and enable staff to achieve business and professional development objectives.

Appraisal Form 

Staff Performance Appraisal Form (PDF)–Download the interactive PDF of the Performance Appraisal Form.
  Before you get started:
    1. Download and install the current version of Adobe Reader on your computer.
    2. Save the PDF to your computer.

Options for Submitting Completed Performance Appraisals:
    1. Send the original, signed form via interoffice mail to HR Central (14E Jackson, Suite 1300).
    2. Scan signed form and send via email to
    3. Attach electronic form with Adobe digital signatures and send to
For College Offices that already had the "HR: Adjunct Faculty Processing" ImageNow Workflow, upload signed form into ImageNow and route forward to HR Central.

Training Resources

Guides and Tools

HR Policy and Procedure

Visit the Human Resources section of the University Policy and Procedure website for more details.

Important Notes:

If a Performance Improvement Plan is under consideration, the manager should consult with Employee Relations prior to completing the performance appraisal process. Please see the Employee Relations section for more information.

For more information about the student employee performance appraisal process please contact the Office of Student Employment at (312) 362-5599.