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Staff Foundations Certificate

The DePaul Staff Foundations Certificate offered by Human Resources’ Organizational Development and Workplace Learning introduces the Performance Management and Appraisal System at DePaul, customer service standards and expectations, setting performance goals using the SMART method and best practices in giving and receiving feedback.

Course descriptions are found here and in the Learning@DePaul Catalog.

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A certificate is awarded for completing the following courses:

Performance Appraisals at DePaul (AP001A)
This is a blended learning module with an intoductory e-learning module to the Performance Appraisal Process.  Complete the online module before attending the skill lab.

This interactive skill lab prepares managers and employees for year-end reviews. Participants will obtain skills necessary for completing the Performance Appraisal Form and learn how to conduct positive and productive performance appraisal discussions.

Skill Lab Schedule

Goal Setting and Maintenance
This skill lab equips participants with tools necessary to translate organizational goals, departmental goals, and job responsibilities into personal S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Action-oriented, Realistic and Timely) goals. Participants will practice writing goals and explore ways to monitor and document progress.



Ongoing Coaching and Feedback
Successful Performance Management is an ongoing process in which the Performance Appraisal Form is a “living” document. Managers and employees will gain skills necessary for sharing feedback, documenting progress and focusing on improved performance.


*For any cancellations, please contact OD-WL at or at 312-362-8338.

For further information or to arrange for performance management and appraisal training in your department or division, contact Organizational Development and Workplace Learning at 312.362.8342 or by email at


2014-2015 Performance Reviews are due October 1st, 2015

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