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Part IV: How to Monitor Claims and Health Savings Account Transactions

A.   Set-up Access to the BCBS website, Blue Access for Members 
       Once you receive your BCBS ID card, you can set up your account at using the group number and member ID number on your card.

B.   Uses for :

  • Track your medical and prescription drug claims and download Explanation of Benefits
  • Track your dental claims if you are enrolled in DePaul's Dental Plan
  • View your HSA transactions
  • Find the highest rated hospitals for treating specific conditions
  • Obtain plan benefits, and more.

C.   Tracking HSA payroll deductions and contributions.
       You can do this by calling the ACS Mellon Bank customer service number or on-line through

  • To verify your contributions to your Mellon HSA account:  The balance in your HSA account should equal your HSA payroll deductions (identified as "HSA" in the before-tax deductions section of your on-line paycheck) - plus- the employer contribution that was made in conjunction with your first paycheck following enrollment in the High Deductible Plan.
  • The employer contribution is identified as "HSAERC" in the employer paid benefits section of your on-line pay stub.

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